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I had some problems with deviantArt- for some reason it's almost impossible for the pages to load and I grew tired waiting for my messages or files to open properly, so I gave up. Recently I felt the need to give it another shot, so I' ll try to submit art here and to tumblr ( as well!
Cheers everyone!
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Finally decided to join tumblr and see how it goes :P
check it out sometime...:)
  • Reading: Wuthering Heights
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Videos of a star being born...(!) I'm hooked!…

The solar system...(so beautiful!)…
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Max Richter's music :heart:…
  • Listening to: Max Richter
  • Reading: The Chimaera
  • Playing: Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl
Busy schedule at LAST!
I hope everyone's having a good, fun and super-creative time!

Also can't waiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiait for these:

Pixar's new film BRAVE! Her hair, the animation, the story, everything's so promising and epic! LOVELOVELOVE!:heart:…


This animation from sacrebleu productions "Longway North" (would probably be released in 2014-2015) seems nothing less than perfect!

Good animation and great ideas make life so much worth living!:D

Also Happy saint Patrick's day for tomorrow!…
  • Listening to: Flogging Molly
  • Reading: Roadside picnic
  • Watching: Spartacus Vengeance
  • Playing: Half Life 1
It's about time to finally do some work and no more "nah! I'll do it tomorrow" stuff... Well, at least i hope it lasts some few days... :)  - Oh how I miss the times i were productive!...… -so sweet and inspirational animation!

and for some extra fun!:… Loooving this!!! ;P
  • Listening to: Rock & Roll
  • Reading: Leauge of extraordinary gentlemen
  • Watching: Spartacus Vengeance
  • Playing: Half Life 1……

Wonderful music and amazing animation short
  • Listening to: Django Reinhardt
  • Reading: Leonid Andreyev
  • Playing: Half Life 1
Hi everyone! I finally managed to update some strips of my first comic- it was my final project in Art school and I'm very happy everything turned out well for me and my fellow- students!
So... Happy holidays and i wish all of you have a nice summer time!:)

Flogging molly (I discovered them recently and fell in love with many of their songs... enjoy!):……
  • Listening to: Flogging Molly
  • Watching: Boardwalk Empire
  • Playing: Half Life 1
So so excited, cause I'm making my own comic album as my final project in art-school! HURRAH!!!
I've started colouring yesterday, so there is until the end of May when I must have finished everything! 23 pages left! I wish luck to all my fellow-students!!!
  There is also summer, which comes with Great expectations -even greater than Dicken's ;)- and everything seems great!
I wish I could ride a bike these days, but then, there is a comic to be finished!…
Love this song!
  • Listening to: Beirut
  • Reading: Lord of the Flies
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
Waiting for this semester to end so that i can finally begin the real work!… watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles these days with my brother for fun, but i really liked this scene... i credit this mostly to Johnny Cash, cause his voice and songs are just awesome!

and… a very clever and fun animation!!!
  • Listening to: Joe Dassin
  • Reading: Pope Joan
  • Watching: Sarah Connor Chronicles
:thumb174728228: Squiddlepus 1 by Duffzilla high waters by MattiasA Squiddlepus 2 by Duffzilla balloons 5 by kalinatoneva Workhorse- Part3 by Biffno
Drowned by Biffno peter and the wolf by paperlait Strasse by kinnas oneirology by loish… :heart: great animation!
Terrebonne by Beaston…… Swing Dancing!:) Happy holidays!
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  • Reading: Chekhov's short stories
  • Watching: Short animations
  • Playing: Crash Team Racing (playstation 1)
Feel like walking and bicycling…: simply beautiful...

:thumb144707922: toasterbot ride by loish Bird on the Wire by Scummy Patronus by toerning Cecilia the Pangolin Charmer by jenniferhom puritan rabbit by luve packhunters by CrankBot:thumb105950131: crazy lady by tobiee:thumb110651624:

Wings. by froststick…
  • Listening to: Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash
  • Reading: Robert Harris
  • Watching: Carnivale
  • Playing: Half Life 2
New school year, new (and more) stuff to do... lets see if it works better this time...

some great art:

glow by loish peter and the wolf by paperlait :thumb105772280: clarinet by macen Burst by Biffno submerged by loish A Lolita Versus Catastrophe by pilvimeri SUPRISE by krecha :thumb163104331:   IVY WOMAN by krecha Buildings by redredundance Alice and the Gryphon - color by bluefooted Void by czas

thanks to whoever gave me premium membership!…
  • Listening to: Zarah Leander
  • Reading: Anna Frank
  • Watching: Deadwood
  • Playing: Half Life 2
I've wanted to sleep almost since this school year started... Now i can finally fulfill my wish and sleep for hours, days, maybe months!!!:D
So, ANYONE out there who wished the same and had no time to do so (i have few persons in mind :)), have a nice sleep and the MOST relaxing and creative time!
  • Listening to: my snore
  • Reading: Tracy Chevalier
  • Playing: The Saboteur!
...because this is what i usually do when i'm felling stressed, and this year, specially the last few months i'm constantly weary and stressed with almost everything... oh well...
I need to ride a bike, or bounce on a trampoline :)

some art that makes me happy:

razor ramon by Beaston Custodian by Beaston Belly of a Whale by Scummy SUPRISE by krecha   the deep by bluefooted Cecilia the Pangolin Charmer by jenniferhom :thumb143820720: :thumb113620716: The Awakening by shoomlah:thumb78993397: My new moustache... by thesadwhale :thumb109450591: whendreamsfallasleep by CrankBot
  • Listening to: Everything's illuminated ost
  • Reading: Andreyev
  • Playing: with my hamster
  • Listening to: Everything's illuminated ost
  • Reading: Dead souls
  • Watching: Rome (again!)
  • Playing: with my hamster